Information on Bequia  

Described as the ‘perfect Caribbean Island’, Bequia (pronounced Bek-way) is the second largest island in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Measuring at 7 square miles and located just 15 km away from the capital St.Vincent, Bequia will transport you back in time with its rugged clifftops, blindingly blue shorelines and vibrant Caribbean culture.

Naturally, the specifics of your itinerary will depend on the tour or experience selected, but whether you’re exploring Bequia’s hotspots, sailing the Tobago Cays or catching a glimpse of the beautiful sights at Spring and Mount Pleasant, our tours ensure you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget. Click here to discover more.


Bequia has a long tradition of whaling, a sport and livelihood first championed by a family of settlers in 1875. Although whaling in Bequia is in decline, remnants of Bequia’s whaling tradition are evident by the Whale bones locals have artistically used in the construction of restaurants, jewellery and pieces of art.  Bequian’s are permitted to hunt for four whaler per year, under the International Whaling Commission’s Aboriginal Whaling regulations.