Information on Canouan  

Canouan(pronounce Can-oh-wan-), the Caribbean’s best kept secret, is a beacon of luxury. Tucked between Bequia and Union Island, Canouan is a hidden haven with rolling hills, stunning coral reefs and turquoise clear waters. Whether you want to hike to the summit of Mount Royal, explore the island by bike or relax in the allure of Canouan’s new Glossy Bay Development, there is plenty to see and do on this 3.5 mile stretch of paradise.


Some of the earliest settlers in Canouan include the Awaraks who arrived in Canouan in 250 BC with nothing other than canoes. After settling in Canouan for a few years short of a millennium, the Awaraks were displaced by the Caribs, an indigenous tribe from the northern coasts of South America. Although the Caribs were able to keep Christopher Columbus and other European intruders at Bay from 1458, Canouan fell in the hands of the French in the early 1700’s, before being claimed by the British  in 1814 following years of Anglo-French wars.  Both the English and the French brought captives from West Africa to the Island. Today, Canouan is an independent state within the British Commonwealth and much of the island is privately owned. The history of Canouan is evident in the architecture and culture of the island, much of which has been preserved, despite centuries of colonialism.